World Social Day at the United Nations New York


SW at UN 3

Written by The International Federation of Social Work


This week IFSW organized a World Social Day event at the United Nations Head Quarters in New York. More than 500 social workers, educators, students and United Nations officials attended to celebrate the achievements of social workers worldwide.


Angelo McCain from The National Association of Social Workers USA spoke passionately about the importance of social workers upholding people’s dignity in their work and the impact that this has on the lives of people who attend social work services.


Ramu Damondaran, Chief of UN Academic Impact, highlighted the historical contributions that the social work profession has made to human rights. Rory Truell IFSW Secretary-General said, “We are very pleased that UN agencies and the social work profession can work effectively together to progress our common agendas”. He also noted, “That early drafts of the UN post-2015 agenda have not yet highlighted the need for all countries to have social protection systems which support all members of society. Nor does the post-2015 agenda address the global dynamics that drive inequality and poverty. As  a profession that addresses not just the symptoms, but also the root-causes we will continue to advocate within our valued partnerships for community empowerment, transformational change and sustainability”.


IFSW wishes to thank the organizers: Michael Cronin, IFSW Main Representative and Co-Chair of the event, and the IFSW representatives Robin Mama, Co-Chair, Elaine Congress, Marica Wallace, and interns Mariam Elrazaz and Brittany Larkin for organizing the event. Also Lynne Healy IASSW Representative who concluded the event with the ‘Wrap-Up session’.


To learn more about the World Social Work Day at the UN in Geneva and to see images from celebrations around the world click here.